Chemical Disposal

Lab-Packing Services

ENI provides the most comprehensive lab-packing services at the best possible price. All chemicals are packed by a degreed Chemist and transported off-site on the same day! Big name, large disposal conglomerates simply cannot perform at this level of service. 

All packing is performed to achieve maximum recycling and cost effectiveness.

Our efficiency and integrity is unmatched through regulatory knowledge, chemical background and experience. ENI makes the tedious process of lab packing easy for our clients.

On-site our experienced team will

  • Prepare a safety contingency plan
  • Identify reagents to be lab packed
  • Segregate by hazard classFlammable Cabinet, Chemicical Reagents, Either, Benzene, Xylene, Carbon Disulfide, Flammable
  • Inventory & package with inert media into approved containers
  • Properly label and affix inventory sheets
  • Prepare all documentation for transport & disposal
  • Provide the client with all documentation
  • Remove your lab packs the same day – “Pack & Pull”

Acute Hazard Services

  • Stabilization of shock sensitive chemicalsRadioactive Chemicals High Schools Chemistry Laboratory Lab packing Services
  • Evaluation and deactivation of potentially explosive chemicals
  • Remote opening
  • Radioactive packaging and disposal

* Please submit your inventory for an accurate proposal. If you do not have an inventory please call and speak to us about pricing.